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Bob Dylan - Rough Cuts (Infidels Sessions)


From Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands (the greatest Bob Dylan website ever):

Hello everyone,

New video today, with Bob back in the studio. The eighties were a very contrasted period for a lot of artists. Some found a new career (Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits), others confused their audience and almost disappeared (Bob Dylan, Neil Young).

But when you look closer, Bob had real gems and without the dated production, it could have been a true masterpiece. Infidels is the perfect example. Bob rushed the production, because he didn't want to wait for Mark Knopfler (producer, guitarist and singer from Dire Straits) to finish sequencing the album. On a personal note, you could still hear some religious themes in this album, remnants from the Gospel Years, but closer to his jewish roots.

The outrageous replacement of Blind Willie Mc Tell, Foot of Pride, and Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart by Neighbourhood Bully, Union Sundown and Man Of Peace will certainly frustrate a lot of fans for the ages. Now, we have access to a good chunk of the sessions in great quality and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do (unfortunately, I had to cut several songs for copyright reason). The highlights are the electric version of Blind Willie Mc Tell, Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart, Tell Me and Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground.

Here is the tracklist

Sweetheart Like You
Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart
Lord Protect My Child (Take 4) [Cut-out for copyright, available on Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3]
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
Foot Of Pride [Cut-out for copyright, available on Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3]
Tell Me
I And I (Cut-out for copyright)
Union Sundown
Julius And Ethel
License To Kill (Cut-out for copyright)
Man Of Peace (Cut-out for copyright)
Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight

Neighbourhood Bully (Cut-out for copyright)
Blind Willie McTell (Electric Version)
This Was My Love
This Was My Love (Alternate Take)
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (Alternate Take)
Dark Groove (Instrumental)
Don't Fly Unless It's Safe (Instrumental)
Clean Cut Kid
Death Is Not The End (Cut-out for copyright)
Sweetheart Like You (Alternate Take) [Cut-out for copyright]
Union Sundown (Alternate Take)
Sweetheart Like You (Rehearsals)



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