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On the Future of the Book

lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

On the Future of the Book

A commentary to a post if:book on the future of the book, "The future of the book is the future of society":

I suppose that given the affordances for universal exchange, linking and connection provided by new media, an important issue in new books will be simply to preserve their identity as books, or call them what you will, multimedia units, or discourse interventions. They might tend to be dissolved into ongoing multimedia conversations on whatever subject they deal with, or into the author's whole production, to follow two lines of dissolution. So the issue of how they manage to (still) be books at all will be an important one, with those which remain identifiable as such. Because no doubt many textual and media practices are emerging which cannot be contained by the definition of book, however generously stretched.

Por la Galaxia Gutenberg (The Surfer's Guide)

Lunes, 13 de Mayo de 2013 10:57. José Ángel García Landa Enlace permanente. Semiótica

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