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Obama's identity theme

martes, 3 de septiembre de 2013

Obama's Identity Theme

Or perhaps Obama's strategy of self-presentation and self-preservation. Murray Schwartz on PsyArt:

Dear Psyarters,

At this precarious moment in the United States' response to the use of nerve gas in Syria -- a response that will be deeply consequential, whatever it turns our to be -- I would like to return for a moment to the suggestion Norm made years ago, that we explore Obama's "identity theme."  In response to Norm's invitation, there was speculation that Obama seeks to unify opposing forces or persons.  I have observed a different pattern, and I think Obama is repeating it now.  He plays rope-a dope, to borrow a phrase from Mohammad Ali.  That is, he puts himself in a position of apparent weakness in order to set the stage for exposure of the weakness of a rival.  The impulse to unify, to bring people together, is only a starting point, or moment, in this dynamic -- and risky -- process.  The current enactment of this process is his challenge to congress to support his commitment to respond to Assad's use of banned chemical weapons in Syria.  As I watch this challenge play out, I am!
  mindful of the numerous occasions in which Obama has been -- or placed himself -- in the same position, as he did a few weeks before each presidential election, which he won.

  --Best, Murray

I have a Dream—my missiles over Syria...—oh wait...

Jueves, 05 de Diciembre de 2013 17:50. José Ángel García Landa Enlace permanente. Cómo somos

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