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Triple temporal logic


A question to the Narrative-list, and my answer:

 Dear listserve-members, 

I am wondering if there are models of the temporal logic of narrative that include something like the "time of production" or "time of writing" as a dimension of the temporal structure of narrative texts (in addition to the distinction between external and internal temporal logic, between erzählte Zeit and Erzählzeit).

Also, are there studies that consider the (unique?) temporal logic/structure of the avant-texte, manuscripts, etc, with respect to the final printed text, or in relation to electronic texts?  In my particular case, I'm working with the manuscript of Rainer Maria Rilke's only "novel," The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge (1910)).

Thanks for any suggestions/references.
Dear Jacob,
Some of the issues you mention about the temporal position of the author with respect to the narrator, etc. are taken into account in the narratological model I propose in my book, /Acción, Relato, Discurso: Estructura de la ficción narrativa/ (Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 1998). It's in Spanish, though, and there are no translations available. Here's one of the relevant sections, online (but lacking the footnote numbers, sigh):

Best regards,
Jose Angel Garcia Landa

Temporal analysis: From micro to macro

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