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History of England

A timeline from the Hundred Years War to the Republic, from G. M. Trevelyan’s Shortened History of England:

History of England

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A timeline of the History of England from the late Middle Ages to the early 17th century. From G. M. Trevelyan’s A Shortened History of England (Penguin Books):



Puritan rule under Oliver Cromwell during the 1650s.  Named Lord Protector. Protestant politics at home and abroad.

Restoration of Charles II, 1660. Act of Oblivion. Charles and Catherine of Braganza will have no children, but Charles will have many children by his mistresses. His brother, the Duke of York, will be the inheritor (problem: he was a Catholic).

1665-6 – Great Plague and Great Fire of London

1666, 1670. Dutch wars. Secret treaty of Charles with the French against the Dutch.

1672. Declaration of Indulgence towards Catholics and Nonconformists —but 1673 Test Act excludes Catholics from public office.

1677 William of Orange marries Mary, daughter of James, Duke of York.

1678 Popish plot scandal fostered by anti-Catholics (Titus Oates).

1680 Exclusion Crisis. The growth of party politics (Whigs / Tories).

Caroline / Carolean. Religious policy at home. Foreign alliances. Dutch wars. Secret alliance with the French. The Exclusion Crisis.

1683 Rye House Plot fails to assassinate Charles and James.

1684 Charles’ son Monmouth implicated in plot.

1685. Death of Charles, accesion of James II. Louis XIV allows persecution of French protestants.

1687. James’s Declaration of Indulgence. The Monmouth rebellion.

1688. The Glorious Revolution. James escapes to France but lands with an army in Ireland. Defeated at the Battle of the Boyne (1690) and Aughrim (1691). William and Mary rule, and the Augustan Age.

1689. Bill of Rights. Toleration of Nonconformists.

1693-94: National Debt and Bank of England established.

1702. William dies. Anne, daughter of James II, reigns to 1714. The House of Hanover. The Four Georges. The growth of commerce. The Royal Society. The American colonies.

1704-6. Victories of Marlborough.

1707: Union of Parliaments (Scottish and English Parliament): United Kingdom constituted

1710: Fall of the Whigs. Act of Copyright.

1714-1727: Reign of George I, grandson of James I; George II, 1727-1760; George III reigns 1760-1820.

1715: Fall of the Tories. Jacobite rising defeated. (Again in 1745, last Jacobite rising coming from Scotland – Waverley).

1730: Methodists founded at Oxford

1743 War of Austrian Succession.

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