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Hierarchically Minded

sábado, 13 de abril de 2013

Hierarchically Minded

Un artículo mío sobre teoría de la mente, psicología evolucionista, cognición, simbolismo intersubjetivo.... y Shakespeare:male vs female brain
"Hierarchically Minded: Levels of Intentionality and Mind Reading."

Abstract: In "The Human Story: A New History of Mankind's Evolution" (2004) the evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar speculates on the development of some mental abilities exclusive to humans as they evolved from pre-human species. His account somewhat limits the role of language, and the main emphasis falls on another phenomenon associated to humanization: the development of so-called Theory of Mind, a term current in contemporary evolutionary psychology which covers some of the ground of what is called intersubjectivity in phenomenological philosophical traditions. In this paper I will argue that the theory of Theory of Mind needs further refining, and further dialogue with relevant disciplines of the humanities, in order to take into account the complex semiotics of human experience and communication.

Ha aparecido este año publicado en un volumen de Homenaje a Francisco Gutiérrez Díez (Murcia:, 2013).
Y está ahora disponible en edición electrónica en el SSRN:


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