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LitCrit, Consilience, and Retrospection

jueves, 14 de noviembre de 2013

LitCrit, Consilience & Retrospection

Remember that paper of mine, "Consilience and Retrospection"— a narrative perspective (or retrospective) on the notion of consilience? On Whewell, Wilson, Gould & al. It's now being distributed by the SSRN, e.g. in the Literary Theory and Criticism eJournal:

SSRN litcrit-13

It's also to be found in the Science&Technology Studies section of the Anthropology Research Network (see under date Nov. 11, 2013).

A connection seems to suggest itself, ex post facto, between this paper and another one dealing with things hermeneutical,
Conectando con Heráclito el Oscuro. Only connect.

Consilience and Retrospection


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