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I Am Not at Rest

jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

I Am Not at Rest

Yet—it seems to me I had overlooked showing to myself, or to the overhearing, overlooking, audience of this Cabinet of Curiosities, something well worth seeing—at least relatively so. It's the cover—well, the virtual covers—of a couple of electronic journals which include my paper on Carol Shields's postmodernist novel The Stone Diaries. Here they go.  First, the American Literature eJournal:

ssrn shields 1


Don't worry, the paper is shorter than its title. The other journal which has distributed it is Cognition & the Arts eJournal, is edited by none less than Mark Turner. And yes, you had better know who Mark Turner is, at least if you are doing literary theory, discourse analysis, semiotics or cognitive science.

ssrn shields 2

What would our days be without this constant trickle of sugar-coated pills, one need not wonder. I spare you the rest.

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