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The 2014 Garrick Lecture


domingo, 20 de julio de 2014

The 2014 Garrick Lecture

Event Dates: 25 June 2014
Rose Theatre,
24-26 High Street,
Kingston, KT1 1HL
Kingston University and the Rose Theatre Kingston present:
The 2014 Garrick Lecture
Simon Callow CBE
Simon Callow CBEThe 2014 Garrick Lecture
David Garrick’s Kingston connections date from 1754, when he bought the house beside the Thames known ever after as Garrick’s Villa, and built his Shakespeare Temple, where he would be famously painted by Zoffany. So, as part of the 2014 Kingston Connections programme of events, Kingston University and the Rose Theatre will jointly host an academic conference to celebrate the great Shakespearean actor and director and commemorate his legacy to the Royal Borough.
Actor, manager, playwright, versifier, Garrick excelled in many parts, and was possibly both the most praised and vilified cultural celebrity of his generation. Authors whose plays he rejected and performers he did not employ were not sparing in their attacks. “Garrick and Shakespeare” seeks therefore to focus on his achievements as a Shakespearean interpreter and impresario, and to re-examine Garrick’s controversial reputation.  ONLINE AUDIO HERE

Introduction by Professor Richard Wilson (Kingston):

The 2014 Garrick Lecture

Closing Remarks by Professor Richard Wilson (Kingston):

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