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Theories of Interpretation: Classical to Romantic Hermeneutics

lunes, 26 de enero de 2015

Theories of Interpretation: Classical to Romantic Hermeneutics

These are the introductory lessons from a course on "Theories of Interpretation" at the University of Zaragoza, during the academic year 1993-94:

Theories of Interpretation: 
Classical to Romantic Hermeneutics  


An introduction to some central concepts in literary hermeneutics and interpretive theory (Interpretation, understanding, criticism, evaluation, meaning, etc.), and to the semiotic groundings of hermeneutics. This is followed by an overview of the main approaches in classical hermeneutics, from Greek philosophers and Homeric critics, through medieval poetics and criticism, to early modern developments. The overview concludes with an introduction to Schleiermacher's general hermeneutics in the Romantic period.

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Also here:

_____. "Theories of Interpretation: Classical to Romantic Hermeneutics." Academia 30 Aug. 2015.*

_____. ResearchGate 6 Oct. 2015:

Medieval Criticism: Poetics, Aesthetics, and Hermeneutics


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