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We're being quoted in the definition of "Focalization" at Omnilexica. I cut and paste that section of the page:

Definition of the noun focalization

What does focalization mean as a name of something?

noun - plural: focalizations

  1. the confinement of an infection to a limited area
  2. the act of bringing into focus
    • lexical domain: Acts - nouns denoting acts or actions
    • alternative spelling: focalisation
    • synonym of focalization: focusing
    • more generic word: intensification = action that makes something stronger or more extreme
    • more specific word: refocusing = focusing again

Alternative definition of the noun focalization


  1. [context: literature] The perspective through which a narrative is presented
  2. [optics] Putting into focus


Focalization is a term coined by the French narrative theorist Gerard Genette. It refers to the perspective through which a narrative is presented. For example, a narrative where all information presented reflects the subjective perception of a certain character is said to be internally focalized. An omniscient narrator corresponds to zero focalization. External focalization - camera eye. A novel in which no simple rules restrict the transition between different focalizations could be said to be unfocalized, but specific relationships between basic types of focalization constitute more complex focalization strategies; for example, a novel could provide external focalization alternating with internal focalizations through three different characters, where the second character is never focalized except after the first, and three other characters are never focalized at all. The specific domain of literary theory which deals with focalization is narratology, and it concerns not only distinctions between subjective and objective focalizations but various gradations between them, such as free indirect discourse, style indirect libre, or quasi-direct discourse.

Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Focalization

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Google previewNarratology (2014)

An Introduction by Jose Angel Garcia Landa, Susanna Onega
Focalization is the relationship between the 'vision,' the agent that sees, and that which is seen.
Modeling Mediation in Narrative by Peter Hühn, Wolf Schmid, Jörg Schönert
And Bal also says: “ Focalization is the relationship between the 'vision', the agent that sees, and that which is ...
Minority Identities, Multicultural Struggles by Paula M. L. Moya
Focalization refers to the mediation (the prism, perspective, or angle of vision) through which a story is presented by a narrator in the text. As such, it describes a relationship between the " 'vision,' the agent that sees, and that which is seen" ...
Focalization is a consistent exercise of the will. It fulfills opportunities and refuses to yield to adverse impressions, although the necessity appears inevitable. Thus, when the lights grow dim, the aged imagine that it is necessary to use glasses ...
Google previewStylistics (1997)
by Richard Bradford
Focalization is the literary-critical version of the general linguistic concept of ideational meaning: the mental image generated by the words (Jakobson uses the term 'referential' to account for the same process). Open any novel at random, ...
by Bernard Walliser
Focalization is a switch in the behavior of agents who tend to respond to ...
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents by John Tsiantis
The focus Focalization is a main feature in all forms of brief therapies. While it generally refers to an active search for a central constellation that the therapist tries to capture, one can say that a focus is always the result of joint forces, where the ...
A Practical System for Developing Self-confidence, Memory, Mental Concentration and Character by Victor Gabriel Rocine
Focalization is the act of a trained mind.
An Introduction by James L. Resseguie
Focalization is a useful concept in modern literature that uses the “free indirect style” of narration where a narrative represents a character's thoughts and feelings without the usage of quotation marks. See H. Porter Abbott, The Cambridge ...
The Subject of Cultural Analysis by Mieke Bal
Focalization is the relation between the vision narrated and the object represented.“ It is the inflection the telling or showing subject brings to the perception of the object. This could appear to be a reversal ofthe narrative strategy that obscures ...
by David Herman, Manfred Jahn, Marie-Laure Ryan
Conceived of as a primary trigger for *authors, narrators, and readers alike, focalization is here seen as a foundational process both in storytelling and in storyunderstanding, not, as in itsclassical conception, asasecondary filter restricting the ...
by Chris Baldick
focalization The term used in modern *narratology for '*point of view'; that is, for the kind of perspective from which the events of a story are witnessed. Events observed by a traditional * omniscient ...
by Katie Wales
focalization is used in the study of literary NARRATIVE and DISCOURS(E) for what is also known, in similar metaphorical terms, as PERSPECTIVE or POINT OF VIEW. As Shlomith Rimmon- Kenan ...
by Joseph Childers, Gary Hentzi
DOUBLE FOCALIZATION. Double focalization occurs when an event or situation is presented in a narrative through ...
Terms, Concepts, and Analysis by Patrice Pavis, Christine Shantz
See HAMARTIA FOCALIZATION Fr.: focalisation; Ger.: Fokalisierung, Fokuslenkung; Sp.: focalizacion. Stress placed by the author on an action according to a particular point of view, in order to underscore its relevance. This essentially epic ...
by Paul Schellinger
Focalization is also crucial tofirstperson (homodiegetic) narrative since thenarrator, as a character, has similarly limited access to information. Another manipulation of ...
by David Edward Aune
Focalization Continuum Individual -> Group -> City-state —> Nation —> Group of nations -> Known world Chronological Continuum Origins —> Early history —> Recent history —> Present day. city-states, did not yet exist in the mid-5th cent.
by William H. New
and 'focalization' ( the strategy that suggests whose perspective is actually being transmitted).
by Casey Albert Wood
Focalization. The art or process of bringing ...


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