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One as One's Own Spectator

jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

One as One's Own Spectator


El Gran Teatro del Mundo - Le Grand Théâtre du Monde - This Huge Stage
hace aproximadamente 12 meses

One as one's own spectator

From David Marshall's 'The Figure of Theater: Shaftesbury, Defoe, Adam Smith and George Eliot' (Columbia UP, 1986):

"Shaftsbury's 'home-dialect of soliloquy' (1:113), based on a dialectical 'doctrine of two persons in one individual self' ('Soliloquy', 1:121), establishes an 'inspector or auditor . . . within us' (1:122). Thus the dialogist is independent of an other because he internalizes an other within himself; or externalizes a part of himself ...

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