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One Universal Act of Solitude

sábado, 25 de junio de 2016

One Universal Act of Solitude

El Gran Teatro del Mundo - Le Grand Théâtre du Monde - This Huge Stage
hace aproximadamente un año

Daniel Defoe, "Of Solitude":

I have frequently looked back upon the notions of a long tedious life of solitude, which I have represented to the world, and of which you must have formed some ideas, from the life of a man in an island. Sometimes I have wondered how it could be supported, especially for the first years. . . . Sometimes I have as much wondered why it should be any grievance or affliction, seeing upon the whole view of the stage of life which we act upon in this world it seems to me that life in general is, or ought to be, but one universal act of solitude.

(Daniel Defoe, from 'Serious Reflections during the Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe', qtd. in David Marshall, 'The Figure of Theater', Columbia UP, 1986)

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