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miércoles, 29 de junio de 2016

Interdisciplinary Centre for Narrative Studies

Dear Richard Walsh,

I am a Spanish researcher, a senior lecturer in English at the University of Zaragoza, with a long-standing interest in narrative studies. I see your Interdisciplinary Centre for Narrative Studies at York seems to welcome international contacts, both with individual scholars and with institutions in the field of narrative theory and narratology. I wonder if you might list me among the associate members in your website,

 —or whether there is any specific requirement I should fulfil. One thing I may contribute is, I see there are no researchers from Spain listed there, or indeed from any country in the Spanish-language sphere. I do not have many colleagues working specifically on narratology or narrative theory, but I do have some contacts with academic societies and individual researchers with interdisciplinary interests in narrative, and I am a bit of a hyperactive one-man institution myself. Here are some of my ongoing projects:

A Bibliography of Literary Theory, Criticism and Philology (with quite a heavy emphasis on prose fiction and narratology)

Evolutionary Narratology - two related facebook sites, one in English, another in English and Spanish:

—researchers from the Centre for Narrative Studies are welcome to visit and contribute.

El Gran Teatro del Mundo / This Huge Stage - on drama, dramatism and real-life theatrics:

Retrospection: Perspectives on Narrative Theory, Hindsight, Hindsight Bias, and the Dynamics of Narrativity.

—plus many other websites and blogs on criticism, theory, narrative and narratology, etc. E.g.:

Narratology (Vanity Fea):
Any of those would be fine as a link in your Associate Researchers Page, if you decide to include me (I'd be much obliged). Or if you prefer an institutional page at the University of Zaragoza:

I look forward to hearing from you, and to keep abreast of the activities at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Narrative Studies.
Best regards,

José Angel García Landa
(University of Zaragoza)

José Angel García Landa

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