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Nazism where you expected it least

miércoles, 25 de enero de 2017

Nazism where you expected it least

This cartoon is a favorite of the anti-Trump side of reality, being ostensibly based on a witty paradox and an open-minded, alternative and anti-authoritarian multicultural perspective, in opposition to The Donald's discourse:

trump and indian

I love a paradox myself—all the more so if it's a paradox inside a paradox.

Simply note that in this cartoon the American Indian's notion of 'illegal immigrant' is a Nazi one—based on racial ancestry and ethnic grouping, regardless of whether you are born in the country or not, and making all citizens illegal except for those with the 'right' ethnicity.

On the other hand, Trump's notion, which the cartoon presents as Nazi, fascist, xenophobic, etc., is, paradoxically enough, the standard Western and democratic one, based on citizenship and the rule of law, regardless of ancestry or ethnic profiling.

So it goes, in the Left of the world. Remember that Hitler and Mussolini also began as socialists, and provocateurs against the rule of law. But the use of sentimental nativism and ethnic ancestry as the ultimate criterion is more characteristically Hitler's.

And so demagogy (and racism, and Nazism) lurk and grow where perhaps you least expected them—even in your politically correct smile.


And, likewise:

I know Donald Trump's hairdo has been criticised, perhaps with some reason. But, seriously, choose one. Now.

The right to take and give offence


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