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Corrigiendo Milton

Cuando una frase en un comentario de texto encargado a los alumnos es demasiado familiar, ya no viene del manual como antes, sino de Internet. El 90% de las veces sin referencia, claro. Yo también voy a plagiar un poco, hala. De tanto leer comentarios sobre un soneto de Milton, me dan ganas de añadirle cuatro letras para escribir esta variante:

Methought I saw my late espousèd saints
Brought to me like Alcestis from the grave,
Whom Jove’s great son to her glad husband gave,
Rescued from death by force though pale and faint.
Mine, as whom washed from spot of childbed taint,
Purification in the old law did save,
And such, as with one more I trust to have
Full sight of them in heaven without restraint,
Came vested all in white, pure as their mind,
Their faces veiled, yet to my fancied sight
Love, sweetness, goodness, in their person shined
So clear, as in no face with more delight.
But O, as to embrace me they inclined,
I waked, they fled, and day brought back my might.

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