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(sent today to the Narrative-L e-mail distribution list)

Hi—can anyone think of work done on interaction patterns, such as posting spates, flame wars etc., in e-mail lists like this one?
Anyway, this would seem to be a subject ready for some research on it. I can't tweak Google search words to get the result I get, and the Wikipedia entry on e-mail lists is surprisingly poor for a "tech" subject.
I found this, though, in Wired:,70179-0.html

Jose Angel Garcia Landa

Entre las respuestas, me sugieren que me suscriba a otra lista de distribución, PsyArt, sobre arte y psicoanálisis, que lleva Norman Holland, mi crítico psicoanalítico favorito—a quien recuerdo que hace años felicité por su iniciativa al poner sus libros en libre acceso en la red.

John Battelle, The Search

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