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Pro Narrative blog again

Pro narrative blog again

A comment sent to the Project Narrative blog and the Narrative List:

It's now more than one year since there's been any movement on the Project Narrative Blog. I think this should give us food for though (I almost said pause, but one year's pause is more than enough!). Is there any way the administrators of Project Narrative could open the blog to members of the Narrative list, or could somehow liven up participation, by commissioning posts, or something? It is a pity that many discussions which might benefit from the blog format may not be taking place through this blog, which ought to hold such a central place. There are no major narratology blogs that I can think of. Why shouldn't this one become the first? It's in an excellent position to do so, but something is missing. Why are narrative theory people so averse or indifferent to the blog format? Or perhaps there is some problem with access, usability, etc.? If there were too many potential writers, some control would be in order; as it is, I think that the blog needs some livening up—perhaps, it would be my suggestion, through a closer interaction with the Narrative-L distribution list. Active communication technologies are important to the development of thought, and it seems a pity that they should be available but underused. I am sending this comment to the list as well.

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