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Deeper understanding

miércoles 30 de noviembre de 2011

Deeper understanding

Es una vieja canción de Kate Bush, reelaborada ahora en uno de sus discos recientes, Director's Cut (2011):

scanner darklyAs the people here grow colder, I turn to my computer and spend my evenings with it like a friend.
I was loading a new programme I had ordered from a magazine
"Are you lonely, are you lost? This voice console is a must!"
I press execute...
"Hallo, I know that you've been feeling tired. I bring you love and deeper understanding.
Hallo, I know that you're unhappy, I bring you love and deeper understanding.
Well I've never known such pleasure, nothing else seemed to matter, I neglected my bodily needs.
I did not eat, I did not sleep, the intensity increasing, 'til my family found me and intervened.
But I was lonely, I was lost. O so lost without my little black box.
I pick up the 'phone and press execute.
I turn to my computer like a friend
I need deeper understanding. Give me deeper understanding.

Hallo, Hallo?

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