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Consilience Conference


Consilience conference at St Louis (April 2012). Final address by David Sloan Wilson.

Additional audios by E. O. Wilson, Massimo Pigliucci, John Hawks et al. here at the This View of Life website on evolution.

Not from this conference, but closely related, here follows a 2008 lecture by E. O. Wilson at UCSD, on "The Coming Synergism between Science and the Humanities", i.e. "consilience".

 The borderland disciplines between science and the humanities, according to Wilson:

- Cognitive neuroscience: mapping brain activity, defining mental development and process.
- Behavioral genetics: identifying the hereditary basis of mental development and process.
- Evolutionary biology: reconstructing the evolutionary history of mental development and process.
- Environmental sciences: describing the physical environment to which humanity is adapted.

And here, a 2008 interview with E. O. Wilson, in conversation with Patricia Churchland:

Consiliencia y nichos ecológicos

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