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Nomino a...

miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012

Nomino a...

Me llega una carta del Who's Who, donde estoy incluido desde hace unos años:

Dear José García Landa,

Do you know someone who has made significant contributions to their profession? Someone who should be recognized for their accomplishments?
Now is the time to give them the credit and honor they deserve by nominating them for possible inclusion in a 2013 Marquis Who's Who publication. As a valued member of the Marquis Who's Who family, you are invited to Nominate a Colleague who you deem worthy of recognition.
We value the opinions of talented and successful listees like you. Your recommendations are often one of our best sources for discovering noteworthy men and women throughout the world and your participation helps us maintain the world's premier biographical reference source.
Being nominated to Marquis Who's Who is one of the highest compliments an individual can receive for their professional accomplishments. Click here to nominate your most respected colleagues and we will contact them to submit their biographical data for review.
We are eager to learn about your esteemed colleagues and greatly appreciate your support.
Fred Marks

Ya me pensaré a quién propongo.

 Who's Who in the What?

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