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Testimony and Confession CFP

miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

Testimony and Confession CFP

Exegesis, the academic e-journal of the English Department at Royal Holloway,
University of London (www.exegesisjournal.org
), is now accepting submissions for the
Spring 2013 edition on 'Testimonies and Confessions'. In this issue we seek
to generate discussion about the forms that testimonies and confessions have
taken historically, theologically, and literarily from an interdisciplinary,
cross-period perspective. Authors may choose to investigate this topic
literally, metaphorically, or theoretically, and in terms of specific texts,
authors, times, or places. Articles and creative pieces might address, but
are not limited to, any of the following subjects:

*Confessional/Testimonial literature as autobiographical, fictional, or
sensationalized for humour

*First person narratives, such as diaries or letters

*Monologues (in Shakespeare, for example)

*Literary and theological confessions (e.g. Confessions of St. Augustine,
Rousseau's Confessions)

*False confessions

*In a court of law, admitting guilt of a crime, or testifying as witness

*Testifying on war, violence, social oppression, etc.

*The meaning of 'truth', how we find it, and what can be considered 'proof'

*The role of confession to religion (sinning, absolution)

*Confession as an interpretation of identity

*Philosophical testimony (Kant, Hume, Ricoeur, and others)

Submission deadline is 10th January 2013. Please submit via the following
email addresses: to submit a critical work, critical@exegesisjournal.org, to
submit a creative work, creative@exegesisjournal.org, to submit a book review
reviews@exegesisjournal.org. After peer review, refereed submissions will be
selected and published in our April 2013 issue. Please take note of the
Guidelines on our website.

All submissions will be considered for the [Exegesis Writing Awards] of £100
for one critical article and £100 for one creative piece, which will be
granted on the basis of writing excellence.

Miércoles, 07 de Noviembre de 2012 12:12. José Ángel García Landa Enlace permanente. Trabajos

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