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ENN Conference Programme


ENN Conference Programme

Aquí el programa del próximo congreso de la ENN, European Narratology Network, en París (PDF).Excepcionalmente aparezco como conferenciante invitado o "keynote speaker". Tendré que perfilar bien la charla... para no impresionar demasiado. Así dice mi sección:

José Ángel GARCÍA LANDA, Senior lecturer in English
Department of English and German Philology, University of Zaragoza, Spain Plenary session III, Room A
The Story behind any Story: Evolution, Historicity, and Narrative

“The narratives of the world are numberless”; yet, all stories may be seen as
chapters of a single story. Evolutionary approaches to literary and cultural
phenomena (E. O. Wilson, Joseph Carroll) have led to a growing awareness that
these literary and cultural phenomena are best accounted for within a consilient
disciplinary framework. From this consilient standpoint, human modes of
communication must be contextualized as situated historical phenomena, and
history as such is to be placed within the wider context of the evolution of
human societies and of life generally (what is often called “big history”). Using
the notions of “narrative mapping” and “narrative anchoring,” the present lecture
aims to draw from the aforementioned theoretical outlook a series of conclusions
relevant to narratology, in particular to the narratological conceptualization
of time. Cultural conceptions of big history underpin the production,
the reception and the critical analysis of any specific narrative, as well as any
narrativizing strategy, in the sense that these conceptions provide both a general
ideational background to the experiences depicted in the narratives, and a
mental framework in which to situate (e.g., historicize) the narrative genres
used in the depiction.

José Ángel GARCÍA LANDA (MA Brown University, PhD University of Zaragoza) is
a senior lecturer in English at the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, University of
Zaragoza. He has coedited the Longman Critical Reader on Narratology (1996)
and the volumes Gender, I-deology (1996) and Theorizing Narrativity (2008). He
is the author of Samuel Beckett y la Narración Reflexiva (1992) and of Acción,
Relato, Discurso: Estructura de la ficción narrativa (1998). He is the past editor
of Miscelánea: A Journal of English and American Studies and is currently editing
A Bibliography of Literary Theory, Criticism and Philology, a free-access
online resource. 

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