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Liza Das, Cultural Studies: Evolution and Culture

domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

Liza Das, Cultural Studies: Evolution and Culture

A human tendency to hierarchy in social bonds; a tendency and a deep personal concern towards status and towards recognition by others; a great value placed on self-esteem, a desire for private space; for sexual bonding and parental bonding; an avoidance of incest, and a tribalism of some kind....
... culturally and epigenetically transmitted attitudes, parental investment, reciprocal altruism, and predator avoidance.By the way, I might point out that predator avoidance includes avoidance of small bands of strangers in a solitary landscape. Man has been the most dangerous predator for man for many centuries—homo homini lupus, Hobbes dixit.

Next lecture: Evolutionary psychology:

A highlight here: our minds evolved for practical purposes in a hunter-gatherer society. They are not all-purpose tools (there are no all-purpose tools, not even Swiss knives). 

Information overload is counter-productive to our survival. We need to direct our attention and select useful information for practical purposes.

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