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Retropost (2006): Guess Who

Guess who

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Vagando vagueando me he acercado por la FNAC y me he mercado este disco de Nancy Wilson que ahora me escucho.
Guess who I didn't see today...

Ghost of yesterday
Stalking 'round my room
All night long you stay
Walk around profound gloom
When the darkness falls
When I've gone to bed
Weirdly come your calls
Mournfully, scornfully dead
Folly of a love I strangled
Pulsing heart I thought was gone
Gives no peace
Will not cease
Prowling 'round till dawn
Ghost of yesterday
Every night you're here
Whispering away
Might have been, might have been, oh, my dear
Foolish heart must pay
Ghost of yesterday
(Irene Wilson / Arthur Herzog Jr.)

Stupid Cupid

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