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Hace unos días le daba la bienvenida al nuevo website de nuestros colegas de cine Cinema, Culture and Society (el proyecto dirigido por Celestino Deleyto) y le criticaba que no admitiese comentarios... crítica desafortunada a todas luces puesto que (ahora al menos) sí los admite, únicamente para usuarios registrados (sabia medida para limitar el trolling y el spamming). Así que hoy los felicito de nuevo por abrir el primer blog departamental (o el segundo después de éste, según se mire), y me registro como usuario no troll. Presumiblemente, mis disensiones cinematográficas con el equipo de Celestino Deleyto pasarán ahora a la blogosfera... Me estreno con un comentario sobre United 93 (que appendo a mi propia reseña de la película), y también con esta apostilla a una reseña de The Break-up (dir. Peyton Reed, 2006), un tema en el para mi desgracia soy un experto aunque aún no haya visto esta película.

Open endings open up the

It doesn't sound as though the film were proposing a new model of relationship (beyond the traditional couple, so to speak) so much as a way to cope with the uncertainty we feel at the end of a relationship—while teasing the audience with a possible romantic ending. This is the advantage of open endings: not only are they more modern and engaging, they can also be adapted by the audience to their own needs and provide as rigid a closure as the spectator feels like needing. They can also give an agreeable ending without destroying or contradicting the overall tone of the work (remember the semi-open, or indeed double ending of Great Expectations - the novel I mean). And, most usefully, an open ending suggests process, evolution, openness to change: this is the kind of open ending in Women In Love (the film this time), or sudden ending, rather. Suddenness and openness also combine rather well in film, and in film-like narrative generally, as David Lodge showed in the ending of Changing Places. Open endings open up the future, and so they are especially satisfactory in a film which focuses on an ending (a separation) which inevitably brings together personal transformation and the development of new expectations. That's what you feel once you accept the end of a relationship: the openness of your life and of your self. Open endings open up the future.

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