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domingo 14 de marzo de 2010

Log in before you register

Dear cndls administrators,

There is a problem with login and access at one of the sites you host, the International Society for the Study of Narrative's website. I am a member of the association, but I cannot create an account although I am invited to do so by the website on its main page:

As you can see on the page linked to "create an account"---

---members are required to log in before they create an account, which is a logical impossibility. Also, there is no webmaster or contact e-mail provided on the ISSN page other than a general reference to the cndls. I would be grateful if the actual administrator of the ISSN website might be notified about this problem. I am afraid otherwise the use of this website will stagnate.

Best regards,

Jose Angel García Landa
Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)

(Lo cierto es que entre estas y otras cuestiones la web de narratología no ha cogido la marcha que sería de esperar. Si no me contestan aquí enviaré un mensaje a la lista de distribución...)


Por fin me dan de alta los administradores y empiezo a editar el wiki de la ISSN—inaugurándolo con una referencia a mi bibliografía.
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