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New Trends in Translation and Cultural Identity

jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2013

New Trends in Translation and Cultural Identity



Nuevas tendencias en traducción e identidad cultural

07/2013; DOI:10.2139/ssrn.1681331

ABSTRACT El presente trabajo es una reseña y comentario por extenso del libro NEW TRENDS IN TRANSLATION AND CULTURAL IDENTITY, ed. Micaela Muñoz-Calvo, Carmen Buesa-Gómez, y M. Ángeles Ruiz-Moneva (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008). 459 p.


This paper is a review and commentary, in Spanish, of the collective volume New Trends in Translation and Cultural Identity, edited by Micaela Muñoz-Calvo, Carmen Buesa-Gómez and M. Ángeles Ruiz-Moneva (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008). The book's thirty chapters provide a panoramic introduction to many problems and issues in translation theory and practice, in a wide variety of cultural and communicative contexts. This volume will be of interest to students of translation as well as to those dealing with any of the many specific issues, both academic and professional, on which the individual papers focus. The book is divided in four thematic sections: I. Cultural identity, Ideology, and Translation; II. Popular culture, literature and translation; ; III. Translating the Media: Translating the Culture; IV. Scientific Discourse as Cultural Translation. Each of the thirty papers in the volume is summarized and commented in this review.


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