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A Crisis at the Edge of Physics




There’s no escaping the multiverse, and there’s no escaping the universe
Part of the argument in Smolin’s physics is that the singularity at the origin of the Big Bang is a mathematical fiction. The values for the compressed space and energy should be extremely high but avoiding the mathematics of infinity. And that should allow not just one bubble universe but an evolutionary sequence of reproducing universes. Which after all does not look so different from the multiverse theory, to me at least: the Many Worlds would still be included under the meta-universe, so a multiverse is still one universe in much the way a combinatorial textual system may generate many texts but is still one text. And the evolutionary multiverse does not escape this quandary, because an evolutionary system with natural selection (between universes) needs also a population of simultaneous universes- just as living beings descend with modification from other living beings, but they exist alongside other descendants. I can’t see how evolutionary physics could sidestep the assumption of a multiverse. (Not that I like the idea of a multiverse; the old enormous universe is to my mind sufficiently mind-blowing).



Infinite Space, Infinite Time



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