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The Gilgamesh Project

The Gilgamesh Project



 A commentary I add to the YouTube video, concerning the "Gilgamesh Project", the name given by Harari to the human fight against death:

One thing about Gilgamesh and the Gilgamesh Project. The hero's quest to fight death may have ended in failure, but the poem is the testimony to a relative success in the quest, insomuch as it is a monument to the discovery of writing, as can be seen in the opening. The eternity of writing is implicitly compared to the strength of the walls of Uruk, and both transcend the limitations of human life. Cultural monuments, both built and written, are humankind's partial defeat of death, as lives pass but the memory of the past is preserved. Writing, and living history, are the cure for death which is found at that stage of the Gilgamesh project.

Gilgamesh y la escritura

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