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Absurd restrictions on Flickr

Absurd restrictions on Flickr

Les pongo esta protesta en el muro de sugerencias de Flickr (a Yahoo company):

Some of my photos, perhaps 2 or 3 in a photostream of 40,000 photos, have been considered "adult content" because of some ***** seen at the beach, I guess. Besides the absurd puritanism of this policy, there is no way in which I can identify the photos which seem offensive, and my WHOLE PHOTOSTREAM is marked as "restricted", with limited functions. Now THIS is offensive, and stupid as a policy. If you want to mark individual photos as offensive, do so by all means, live in your world, but DO NOT BLOCK MY ENTIRE PHOTOSTREAM. This is delirious, this is Iranian, this is Ayatollhian. And its very bad policy for an American business company. Now, please, RE-CLASSIFY MY PHOTOSTREAM STRAIGHT AWAY lifting these absurd restrictions, and rethink your whole policy. For the sake of sanity—not to mention a minimal amount of liberty and DECENCY.

Y no os lo creeréis, pero el sistema automático de Flickr me ha cambiado la palabra "breast" por "*****". Esta gente, aparte de estar mal de la cabeza, no me extraña que se esté yendo al guano por capítulos.

Comento: Now, in the above, the word naming a part of the human anatomy, that which is usually hidden under a bikini top, has been censored and replaced by asterisks: **** Now, I want to seriously ask, ARE YOU PEOPLE AT FLICKR REALLY INSANE?

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