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Retropost: Past Life Memories

Retropost #799 (7 de marzo de 2006): Past Life Memories

Ever tried remembering a Past Life? Here are some tips on how to deal with Reincarnation -- by the usual New Age loony*:

(* In this case, Suzy Rigby, "The Natural Path: Remember When", retrieved 2004-05-02):
"So there we sat, the four of us at the dinner table, each of us quietly ruminating on our days, when suddenly, in that tiny 5 year old voice he said, "Mommy, remember when I was big before? I knew you then. Remember mommy?" Trying desperately to keep my fork from falling to the floor, I replied in a seemingly calm voice, "Hmmm... I’m not sure. Do you remember?" And he said "Yes, I was big then, and you were there. Then I went away, and God fixed me up and then I came back to be your little boy."
Welcome to the world of Recalled past life memories. And although I have worked with people for quite some time in this field, it is always a shock when it happens right there in your house, at the dinner table. What do you say? What shouldn’t you say? Is this just a dream? Or is this truly a Past life memory coming to the surface. What is a past life memory anyway?
Past Life memories are stored away in the attic of our unconscious, like grandma’s old lace doilies. Tucked away gently and safely until the day when we may need them. These memories are the keys to the doors of all our experiences since we became a soul. Perhaps you have, at one time or another, met someone for the first time, and felt an immediate closeness, as if you were old and intimate friends? Or perhaps, you have had a great desire to travel to some strange place, or even have traveled somewhere new, only to find that it is so innately familiar to you that you feel immediately at home? These are certainly not uncommon experiences. Utilizing hypnotherapy, specifically Past Life Regression Techniques, we are able to make sense of these experiences, to unlock these doors and recapture the events of our past lifetimes.
Past Life Regression is a very relaxing, soothing, calm state of heightened awareness. The body feels so restful and at peace, while the mind is acutely aware of each event that is occurring. During this state, we are able to access information that is stored in our minds. This amazing journey into our own consciousness opens the door to our soul’s history, discovering what may bring phenomenal change to our lives.
During a regression, you may discover whom you have lived as before, where you lived, and release fears, phobias, or physical conditions that no longer serve you in this lifetime. Regressionists believe that many phobias and illnesses are directly related to a past life, and that uncovering these issues, removing this unfinished business if you will, allows for greater healing and release.
Most of the above is quite true and valid, with one small proviso. There are no Past Lives of course. But the whole of our life is a Past Life. And every new morning is a Reincarnation.



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