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A commentary on the Santos Nobel Peace Price

11 Dec. 2016

A commentary on the Santos Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Committee awarded Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos the Nobel Peace Prize, after his "peace deal" with the FARC was rejected by the people of Colombia. This amounts to a public endorsement of his appeasement policy vis-à-vis the terrorists, and a public rejection of the democratic vote of the Colombian citizens.

A commentary on the Santos Nobel Peace Prize—which I post on the Nobel Commitee's website:

This Nobel Prize, and Santos' insistence in pushing through an agreement to favour terrorist groups, in spite of the negative vote of the Colombian people in the referendum, give the measure of our elites' true respect for the vote of the people. Which was NO SUSPENSION OF THE LAWS TO FAVOR TERRORISTS - NO DEALING WITH TERRORISTS - NO PRIVILEGED TREATMENT FOR TERRORISTS.

Shame on the Nobel Committee.


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